Annual Shareholders Meeting – change of date

10/8/2022, 3:27 pm GENERAL

10 August 2022
Market Announcement

Annual Meeting Change of Date

NZ Automotive Investments Limited (NZX: NZA) (‘Company’) announces that its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting will now be held on 2 September 2022. Full details relating to the meeting, including the time and venue, will be advised in the Notice of Meeting, which will be distributed on or prior to 12 August 2022.

The reason for the change of date, is due to recent changes in Director nominations and the related enquiries from NZ RegCo. The change in date to 2 September 2022 ensures that the Company complies with the Companies Act and NZX listing rules, by issuing the Notice of Meeting to Shareholders at least 10 working days prior to the meeting.

The Company would also like to advise that it has answered the enquiries raised by NZ RegCo relating to the independence of Director nominees. NZ RegCo has confirmed that they are satisfied with the responses, including the Company’s assessment that the nominated directors would qualify as independent directors for the purposes of the NZX listing rules.


Haydn Marks
NZ Automotive Investments Limited
[email protected]